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PrimaCare Medical Center

Walk-In Clinic or Urgent Care near dallas, tx

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6350 E Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX 75214
(near dallas, tx)


  • M-F   8 AM - 9 PM
  • Sa-Su   8 AM - 5 PM
Motto / Mission Statement

Healthcare for the Way We Live and Work Today


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Who We Are

PrimaCare has been serving the community since 1979. We are one of the largest group of ambulatory healthcare centers in the Dallas Metroplex. You can expect caring, courteous physicians, quality treatment, and convenient, friendly service. In fact, many people consider PrimaCare their main healthcare source. PrimaCare is accredited through the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare. According to AAAHC, the Certificate of Accreditation is a symbol to others that an organization has committed to providing high-quality care and that it has demonstrated its commitment by measuring up to the Accreditation Association's high standards. PrimaCare is pleased that our longstanding commitment to providing quality care to our patients, and the same high level of conduct in our business practices, has met the rigorous standards of a nationally recognized third party.

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